The Blue Collar Artist


Added on by Dave Pressler.

Latest news, the Astro Sloth limited edition resins will be available Monday July 20th in the website shop as well as the store at MOAH Museum Of Art History in Lancaster CA starting on Sat July 18th.   These hand painted signed and numbered figures are 8.5" inches tall 5.5" Wide.  A nice 2 pounds of solid resin.   A handsome figure ready for a desk or toy collection commemorating the achievements of the brave  pioneer Astro Sloth.   Retail price will be $450.

The Play Create Collect Retrospective of West Coast Art Toys will be an amazing infusion of the Artist, designers, producers, and sculptors that created the West Coast Art Toy Movement.  I will be in attendance on the 17th and 18th with many other amazing artist.  Get more info on the show here.