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Great Opening In Telluride!

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Thanks to all who attended the opening of High Altitude Robots at soul & matter gallery.  At the first week of Sept I will be back in Telluride to close the show, it will be up all month so go check it out!


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If you will be in Telluride Colorado August 4th come to the opening of my new gallery show High Altitude Robots at soul & matter gallery 135 West Pacific.   The show will be up for the month of August with a closing reception at the end of the month.  Looking forward to seeing you all in the high altitude.


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Welcome to 2016!   Many exciting things going on for this year.   If you live in Colorado I will be having a Gallery show in Telluride opening August 3rd at Gallery 81435 and November in New Mexico at the Stranger Factory.  Currently I'm working on a book Illustration project, challenging and exciting, more details as we get closer to the release of the book.   More to come!  


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Thanks all who came to see the Robot Carnival at Gallery 1988.  It was fantastic group of artists and so nice to meet everyone, so often I'm just trapped in my studio working alone that I forget what it's like to get out and meet art fans and artists for a nice hang out.  This is my last LA art show until next year.   In January I will have a new piece in the Conjoined show curated by the always fantastic Chet Zar.  I promise you this new piece is like nothing else I have ever done, say tuned.... 


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This weekend the opening of "The Art Of Toys" A Left Coast Retrospective Of Designer Toys at the Museum Of Art And History in Lancaster CA.  Friday and Saturday I will be there with many other cool artist to meet and greet.  Not only will they have an amazing exhibit of art toys past and present but also the process involved in turning an idea into an actual toy.  One of my favorite quotes by Charles Eames:  "Toys are not really as innocent as they look. Toys and games are the preludes to serious ideas."  

I look forward to seeing you all there.  


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Latest news, the Astro Sloth limited edition resins will be available Monday July 20th in the website shop as well as the store at MOAH Museum Of Art History in Lancaster CA starting on Sat July 18th.   These hand painted signed and numbered figures are 8.5" inches tall 5.5" Wide.  A nice 2 pounds of solid resin.   A handsome figure ready for a desk or toy collection commemorating the achievements of the brave  pioneer Astro Sloth.   Retail price will be $450.

The Play Create Collect Retrospective of West Coast Art Toys will be an amazing infusion of the Artist, designers, producers, and sculptors that created the West Coast Art Toy Movement.  I will be in attendance on the 17th and 18th with many other amazing artist.  Get more info on the show here.


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A sneak peek of the work in progress Astro-Sloth limited edition resin figure.  Pretty In Plastic is working with me on casting a resin of my sculpture In Honor Of Astro Sloth.  I'm not sure what the edition number will be I want to make an original "bronze finish" version and I think a full color version might be cool.  They will be hand painted by myself signed and numbered.  More info and pictures on my blog: Dave Pressler Making Stuff


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Tonight I feel like the King Of The Nerds in the best way.  Episode 7 was the big give away of my robot sculpture "Early Version Of A Modern Vacuum Cleaner"  an original sculpture I will post a mini tutorial of the making of that sculpture on my blog Dave Pressler making stuff were I provide tips and tricks for some of the art that I create.  Also KOTN has featured my sculpture Revenge-Bot in the Nerdvana Lounge this season.   Love the show, and of course Host Curtis Armstrong who was the lead in my Nickelodeon Animated show Robot And Monster, yes again with the robots!

Robot Animation Shorts!

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A new episode of "How To Do Everything With Garrick And Marvin" is up.  There will be a total of seven of my Robot shorts up on DreamWorks TV eight if you count the banned Halloween episode.  If you haven't seen them yet Garrick and Marvin are two not very bright robots who have put quite a bit of energy into making DIY "How To" videos.  That are always spectacular failures.   These are stop motion animated shorts that I make in my home studio, very fun and always stupid.

Blue Collar Artist

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Eric Minh Swenson shot a 3 part short documentary series about my art and how I do some of the stuff I do.  Check them out on YouTube The first in the series is "Blue Collar Artist".  My philosophy about the working artist in the entertainment industry, and how one can approach the life of the working artist.


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Revenge-Bot will be making an appearance on the new season of King Of The Nerds the hit reality game show on TBS.  Nerdvana is the home of the contestants for the duration of the show.  In the rec-room Revenge-Bot is prominently displayed.  If you have not seen this sculpture it is one of my biggest to date, it may be the last-biggest (If thats a proper phrase) since it has been quite the chore to lug him around.   Also later in the season one of my original robot sculptures is a prize on the show.   Stay tuned!


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My first gallery show in Colorado will open tomorrow Thursday Aug 7th from 5pm to 8pm.

at Gallery 81435 at 230 South Fir Street Telluride Co  Many pieces of robot art and I will be there

Looking forward!



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I know I said there would be T-Shirts in a week, what was I thinking!  I do have T-Shirts Just need to get them in that store!  This Saturday May 3rd I will be participating in Eat Your Art Out LA an art show that benefits the Angel City Derby Girls.  There will be a new piece of art from me up for auction in the show, more info here.  This Aug I will be coming to Telluride Colorado with an art show, details coming soon.   And yes I will get there T-Shirts up there soon!


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Now that the valentine's Day rush has passed, we need to start looking forward to spring!  There will be T-Shirts in the store next week to celebrate the warm weather that I am sure is on it's way.  My leg is almost back to normal so I will be creating and putting up more items.  As I am able to hobble around more gracefully.  There will be a couple new group shows that I will be included in more info in the next week.

2014 WOW!

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Welcome to 2014 It feels so futuristic!  The year has started off a little rocky for me, ending 2013 with the Very Robot Christmas Show was excellent.  Thanks everyone for coming out and seeing the show.  Unfortunatley I wasn't able to be there for the closing.  During Christmas break me and family were in Telluride Co skiing and enjoying the snow.  New years day I was skiing an easy run, I was in control not going to fast when i caught an edge and tumbled over.  Normally this is not so bad, a regular occurrence for some of us not elegant skiers.  he problem was I was close to the edge of the mountain and when I fell I went over the side.  Now it wasn't a rocky cliff wall, or like Homer Simpson jumping Springfield Gorge, but a steep incline going down into the woods.  My right leg was probably broken on the first big fall, then as I tumbled out of control down the hill it kept getting re-broken again and agin.  All in I think I rolled down about 30 ft and finally stopped when I hit a deep snow bank.  Luckily some people had sen me crash and called the ski patrol.  The ski patrol was awesome they had to do some fancy maneuvering to get me down.   My right leg had a broken Tibia and the Fibula broken in two places.  When I was laying on the gurney in the emergency room after they got all of my gear off I saw my right foot was hanging down at the 5 O' clock position, I don't think it is supposed to do that.I got shipped off to a nearby hospital to have surgery, now I have a titanium rod in my lower leg and a month of crunching around in my future.

This  year I have some cool art projects planned and will be loading up the store with more prints an original art for purchase.  Keep checking back, and Happy New Year!

This Saturday!

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Hanging the show tomorrow!  Putting the last few pieces of hanging hardware on the backs of paintings, putting a final coat of paint on the platform for the Revenge-Bot.  All in final preparation for a Very Robot Christmas.   Also all of the art will be up and available in the shop section.   I look forward to seeing you all on Friday.