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Now that the valentine's Day rush has passed, we need to start looking forward to spring!  There will be T-Shirts in the store next week to celebrate the warm weather that I am sure is on it's way.  My leg is almost back to normal so I will be creating and putting up more items.  As I am able to hobble around more gracefully.  There will be a couple new group shows that I will be included in more info in the next week.

2014 WOW!

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Welcome to 2014 It feels so futuristic!  The year has started off a little rocky for me, ending 2013 with the Very Robot Christmas Show was excellent.  Thanks everyone for coming out and seeing the show.  Unfortunatley I wasn't able to be there for the closing.  During Christmas break me and family were in Telluride Co skiing and enjoying the snow.  New years day I was skiing an easy run, I was in control not going to fast when i caught an edge and tumbled over.  Normally this is not so bad, a regular occurrence for some of us not elegant skiers.  he problem was I was close to the edge of the mountain and when I fell I went over the side.  Now it wasn't a rocky cliff wall, or like Homer Simpson jumping Springfield Gorge, but a steep incline going down into the woods.  My right leg was probably broken on the first big fall, then as I tumbled out of control down the hill it kept getting re-broken again and agin.  All in I think I rolled down about 30 ft and finally stopped when I hit a deep snow bank.  Luckily some people had sen me crash and called the ski patrol.  The ski patrol was awesome they had to do some fancy maneuvering to get me down.   My right leg had a broken Tibia and the Fibula broken in two places.  When I was laying on the gurney in the emergency room after they got all of my gear off I saw my right foot was hanging down at the 5 O' clock position, I don't think it is supposed to do that.I got shipped off to a nearby hospital to have surgery, now I have a titanium rod in my lower leg and a month of crunching around in my future.

This  year I have some cool art projects planned and will be loading up the store with more prints an original art for purchase.  Keep checking back, and Happy New Year!

This Saturday!

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Hanging the show tomorrow!  Putting the last few pieces of hanging hardware on the backs of paintings, putting a final coat of paint on the platform for the Revenge-Bot.  All in final preparation for a Very Robot Christmas.   Also all of the art will be up and available in the shop section.   I look forward to seeing you all on Friday.

100 Robots Book

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Last year my gallery show 100 Robots featured 100 pen and ink robot drawings.  All 100 drawings have been compiled into a nifty book, available in physical book form or digital from Blurb books.  Check it out here.

Welcome To The New Website!

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This is the new home for Dave Pressler Art.  This site will have more updated content as well as a couple of new categories; Fun Gallery will have pictures for gallery shows and other occasional nonsense.  As well a more functional Shopping area.  My Blog Dave Pressler Making Stuff is still up and running and will have all the up dates news and tutorials.